Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meet Lydia

I've been lusting after a new spinning wheel for several months now.  One in particular - the Schacht Sidekick.  Its not like I don't have...let's see...6 or 7 already.  Its like the old lady in the shoe- I have so many spinning wheels I can't even remember their names sometimes.  Time to get rid of one or two.  That will take some thought.  In the meantime, I have been bonding with Lydia since I bought her at Deer Camp from Carol (River"s Edge Fiber Arts).  I named her Lydia because I was listening to the first episode of the Craftlit podcast on my way home on Monday and Pride and Prejudice was the book being read.  She's amazingly stable and spins like a dream for such a little lady.  Take a peak.....

Deer Camp is a reference to the fall circular sock knitting machine retreat held in Coleman, MI about the time that deer hunting season opens.  Melissa, Edie and I stayed at our favorite B&B in Beaverton, the Nestle Inn.  We had an amazing visit and even though things didn't go quite perfectly at the CSM retreat (meaning I didn't finish 4 pairs of mittens and 8 pairs of socks). It was a great get-a-way.

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Luann said...

Lydia is beautiful. I feel I need to get a spinning wheel now. Especially if I'm going to be saving goat & rabbit fibers.
It was nice to visit with all of you when you were up this way for deer camp. I look forward to your next visit.