Sunday, August 23, 2009

Scallops,cheddar, sweet red pepper quesadilla

I guess I'd better start taking pictures of these creations but here is my lunch quesadilla from yesterday and it was actually quite tastey. I think you could use salmon or shrimp as a substitute and maybe freshly grated parmesan or your favorite cheese:

Brush one side of a whole wheat tortilla/lavash with olive oil. Turn over and spread the following on half of the tortilla: chopped left over grilled scallops (1 sea scallop)(I grilled on George F. grill)
ciltantro to taste
grated or small thin pieces of sharp cheddar
a few chopped red sweet peppers
black beans (canned)
Fold over and grill on George F until tortilla is brown and cheese is melted.
Serve with mango peach salsa (Garden Fresh Gourmet- in refrigerated section, near veggies)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Totally made up chicken sausage pasta recipe

Saute in a little olive oil:
one chopped sweet onion
Add some minced or chopped garlic
add 2 links spicy (hot) chicken sausage with meat removed from skins.
When chicken is almost cooked, add 1 chopped red bell pepper and maybe another type of pepper to add interest.
Keep sauteing until the onions start to carmelize everything.
Add fresh basil, salt and pepper (fresh basil is an important ingredient)

I served over pasta topped with grated parmigiano-reggiano. Delish.
Also would be good without the pasta and wrapped in a flatbread.
For a little juicier pasta you could add some roma tomatoes after everything has carmelized.

Sunday, August 02, 2009 and spinning stash software

I am in love with my Ipod Touch. AND...I just discovered a knitting software program that is so great. Its called Knit Buddy ( It has everything I need to keep track of my stash and I can even add a photo of the yarn to remind me what it looks like. It also keeps track of knitting projects with room for a picture and to designate it as in the cue, in progress or finished. The projects part also has individual stitch counters to keep track of where you are, although I haven't explored this yet. Its perfect. I contacted, Dave, the software designer, to see if he would consider making one for handspinners. He said he had been contacted by a few other spinners and if he had a better idea of how many spinners had Ipod Touches or Iphones and would be interested, he would go for it. How do you think we can spread the word about this possibility? Help me out.