Sunday, June 24, 2012


My friend and baker extraordinaire, Melissa, came over on Friday to give me ANOTHER pie baking lesson.  I think I can safely say I conquered my fear of pie crust phobia.  The pie crust recipe was from Cooks Illustrated (the no-fail one with vodka) and we used Melissa's delicious home canned peaches, some fresh blueberries and some frozen raspberries.  Things I would do different next time: - a little less juice or a little more thickening and remember to take the pie out of the oven RIGHT WHEN THE TIMER GOES OFF.  It got just a wee bit brown.  Also, I need to buy some of that big crystal baking sugar for the top.  We used raw sugar crystals but it just wasn't right.  On the upside - it was delicious!!  No doubt about that.  Thanks, Melissa.  You have won a special place in this baker's heart.