Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Holly's Osteosarcoma Update

Holly, after a great night of partying with the  knitting club
Holly is having a good day today.  I went to MSU yesterday and talked to Dr. Annear.  I listened to all he said and then told him that I would go with pain relief, eye lubrication, and watching until her bad days start to increase.  He suggested that at that point I could try oral corticosteroids to increase her appetite and energy again for a while longer.  He said if it was his dog, he would have made the same decision.  So we didn't even do the chest -xray because it wouldn't have changed the course of her treatment.  Right now, she will eat anything in sight and can make it up the stairs faster than me because she knows I have treats stashed upstairs (LOL- sorta like the candy bowl).  She has up to 6 months and it wasn't that much longer if I would have chosen chemo/radiation.  Some of my knitting group came over last night so she got to sniff in all the knitting bags and everyone fed her a little from their plates (cuz thats ok for her to do now).  Actually, she's having the time of her life, which is as it should be.  Holly and I are eating, drinking and being merry until further notice.


cheryl said...

Mary you are such a perfect doggy mom!

Luann said...

I don't think Holly could have a better mom.