Sunday, August 23, 2009

Scallops,cheddar, sweet red pepper quesadilla

I guess I'd better start taking pictures of these creations but here is my lunch quesadilla from yesterday and it was actually quite tastey. I think you could use salmon or shrimp as a substitute and maybe freshly grated parmesan or your favorite cheese:

Brush one side of a whole wheat tortilla/lavash with olive oil. Turn over and spread the following on half of the tortilla: chopped left over grilled scallops (1 sea scallop)(I grilled on George F. grill)
ciltantro to taste
grated or small thin pieces of sharp cheddar
a few chopped red sweet peppers
black beans (canned)
Fold over and grill on George F until tortilla is brown and cheese is melted.
Serve with mango peach salsa (Garden Fresh Gourmet- in refrigerated section, near veggies)

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Country Leanings said...

OOOH this sounds good for lunch today! I even have the scallops and sweet peppers in the fridge. Thanks, Mary!