Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jeanie's Cane Cozy

Jeanie is my sister-in-law and not only is she always fun to be with, she comes up with the best knitting ideas. Recently she had to stay off of her foot for a few weeks so she came up with a pattern for a cane cozy. She used a size 13, 40-inch circular needle:

Cast on 95 stitches. Knit 6 rows, bind off on 7th row. Sew edges together, turn it inside out and slide it onto the cane!! Done!! Be sure to make several colors to accessorize your wardrobe.


noshjo29 said...

Hi Mary,
I was wondering what weight of yarn was used for this cane cozy?

I have had a cane for over 25 years, and it has lost it's nice shine. Very scratched up.

Much thanks for posting this pattern. Greatly appreciated.

Take Care!

Mary in A2 said...

Hi. I asked Jeanie and she said she doesn’t remember specifics but thinks it was bulky.