Monday, November 20, 2006

Spin-In News

I SO forgot to take pictures Saturday night. My bad. First of all, we sat and wept inconsolably while Michigan gave up the game to OSU. It was a really good game but, c’mon!...we should have won!
Other than that catastrophe, a good time was had by all (at least by me). Show and tell was fabulous and I hope some of you will post your pictures.

Heather brought her dyed roving and the colors were yummy! Take a look.
She helped me (er….she did most of the work, I’ll have to admit) with a Wilton’s dye pot following her recipe. I used Delphinium Blue (a whole jar).

She also had some Austrian fingering weight rag yarn in red/black called Steinbach. I will have to add some to my stash. I think this is it.

Jillian brought tons of show and tell. She had some dynamo apple green (?) roving that she shared with some of us. She brought a sweater that she had designed. I tried it on and, ladies, I could barely convince myself to give it back to her...Seriously. So, I guess I’ll just have to wait until the pattern comes out. Sigh….
She also brought 3 or 4 newly acquired spindles. We drooled. Yes, indeed. Sweet!
Post a couple pics, Jillian??

CJ’s roving was an unpredictably delicious surprise. She spun a yellowy-peach that she thought was going to be too pale but it ended up going great with Jillian’s apple green and an outstanding paprika.. Show your colors, girl!

PS. CJ is graduating with her Masters in Public Policy in December. Stand up and take a bow, CJ. Woo-Hooo!!!!!

Carol brought some equally wonderful colors. She formed a trio of lapis blue with some of Jillian’s apple green and CJ’s paprika. What was your complementary color, Carol? All those colors are just creating an explosion in my mind. Whoa!

Carol made the cutest baby hat. PahLLEEZE take a picture and post it before you give it away, Carol?

Holly Dawg had an amazing time poking her nose in everybody’s bags and baskets. I daresay she was dreaming about sheep in her doggie dreams that night.

We’re looking at some night between January 23-28 for our next spin-in. Please email me if you have a preference. Adios for now. Mary

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